Effects of Global Warming Essay

effects of global warming essayGlobal warming has turned out to be a big environmental problem. The average temperature of the world is increasing day by day. It is a continuous process and soon we will have to suffer a lot for global warming if we fail to take initiatives to stop it. It is not only harmful to human existence, but also destructive for the environment, biodiversity, nature’s balance, and climatic conditions.

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Global warming is a hazardous phenomenon and it will cause infinite disasters for the entire human being by affecting all the aspects of the human life. There is a close relation between the Carbon Dioxide and Global warming. When we produce Carbon Dioxide, the temperature rises. We are burning fossil fuels, oils, and other items for various purposes. Thus, we increase the amount of Carbon Dioxide, Methane gas as well as other greenhouse gases. These gases help to increase the temperature of the world.

For the increasing temperatures, the ice of the North Pole has started melting quickly. Besides, the water of rivers, ponds, and sea are getting warm rapidly. The animals are migrating due to increasing heat, and the production of various crops is going down. Weather conditions are turning adversity and various natural disasters such as cyclone, hurricanes, storms, drought, flood, typhoon, droughts, rainstorms, and, tsunami are striking frequently. As a result, a lot of people are shifting their living places, losing their properties, and becoming improvised and climate refugee. Besides, due to the effect of global warming, many deadly plagues have broken out that have claimed many lives. The farmers are also affected and paying the price harshly as they cannot produce crops as the environment and the weather become extremely hostile to farming. Trees are blooming earlier, birds are laying eggs earlier, butterflies are moving up mountain hills. It affects our future ability to grow food. Moreover, the duration of the summer season is increasing, and the winter season is decreasing, the ozone layer is being affected.

To conclude, our conscious activities can save the world from the bad effects of global warming. We may not manage all the damages of global warming. We ought to try reducing the emissions of these harmful greenhouse gases to the ambiance and also adopt some effective initiatives to save the environment. If we use renewable energy such as solar energy, we can save the environment. We can use electricity produced by the solar system, and geothermal. Reducing the use of coal and oil can be useful as well.

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