Essay on Global Warming For Students

essay on global warming for studentsThe fact is that global warming affects all the elements of the planet. The environment is changing its character little by little. There are numerous causes of global warming. The destruction of the forest, overpopulation, rapid development of unplanned industries, the utilization of CFCs, utilization of washing detergents etc. are the contributing factors to global warming.

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Human beings are greatly liable for global warming. We do so many things unscrupulously, and the environment has to pay for our misdeed. We hardly think the betterment of environment rather we pay concentration on industrial advancement. The setting up of unplanned mills and industrial facilities has a great impact on the planet. These types of mills and factories produce a great deal of dark smoke that mixes with air and help to raise the quantity of Carbon Dioxide. We burn gasoline such as Methane and Carbon Dioxide for various purposes; as a result, it helps to accelerate global warming. We slaughter a lot of animals like lions, tigers, birds, cats and many more which are a worrying reason behind the global warming.

We cut off the woods and it causes deforestation. When we cut off the woods, we must plant more trees to maintain the ecological balance. We should build up our awareness to protect the environment and we should cut the production of CO2 from our Mills, brick-fields, vehicles etc. we need to update our water drainage method to not survive wastes, wastages and also dangerous chemical substances.

The results of global warming are extremely harmful to our existence and it challenges our survival. The sun’s intense rays help to increase the temperature of the earth. It affects the farming, forestry as well as the fishery. This could catastrophically decrease mankind’s capability to grow foods. Biological diversity is very important for preserving environmental balance. If a single element of the environment is altered, the whole environment becomes vulnerable. To prevent the harmful outcomes of global warming, we must not harm the environment.

To sum up, the alarming world’s environment is getting unfriendly for humankind. Unless we can manage global warming, we will have to face bitter consequences. It is our responsibility to preserve the environment for our own betterment. We must not do such things that help to rise global warming.

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