Essay on Global Warming

essay on global warmingGlobal warming is increasing the average temperatures of the Earth leaving us deeply concerned about the environment. Many people think that human beings contribute to the main cause of global warming. But some people insist that it is a part of the natural climate change. As humans, we have our personal opinion, however, the issue of global warming is not a matter of debate; it should be resolved.

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Global warming is getting worse because we burn fossil fuels, coal, wood; cut trees haphazardly, produce greenhouses gases (Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Dioxide and Methane) etc. During mining, producing manure, we produce methane. Besides, we are discharging Carbon Dioxide when we inhale. Consequently, the growth of population will only produce more Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere for countless years. These gases entrap heat as well as intensify the greenhouse effect, rising global temperatures. Deforestation is very harmful to the environment and we are cutting down trees with a view to cooking, building houses, preparing furniture etc. If the process of deforestation goes on, the amount of Carbon Dioxide will be increasing at an alarming rate. The trees can soak up Carbon Dioxide from the air.

Automobiles, industries and factories that emit smoke are responsible for about 80% of today’s Carbon Dioxide pollutants, 20% of the Nitrous Oxide Pollutants and 25% of Methane. The increasing amount of agricultural, products, deforestation, commercial production, and also mining contribute to a huge amount of emissions of greenhouse gases as well.

As the climatic change is having a very adverse impact on the earth, humans, animals and plants have to struggle to survive. A further rise of global warming could be disastrous for the survival of the world. There are ways that we can take up to prevent global warming. We can recycle Carbon Dioxide. An additional way out of the problem is replenishing the oceans with Algae. Algae will soak up Carbon Dioxide from the oceans. The most available way to resolve the issue is to look into the utilization of energy. The major forms of energy include coal, gas, nuclear reactors, and oil. These are almost non-renewable resources. Renewable energy, hydroelectric power plant and solar power are rare. If we use renewable energy, we will be able to reduce the production of Carbon Dioxide significantly.

To address this serious issue of global warming, both the people and the government should come forward to solve this crisis. We should take proper initiatives and build self-awareness to get rid of the severe effects of global warming.

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