Short Essay on Global Warming

short essay on global warmingGlobal warming increases the average temperature of the environment. Several particular gases, especially carbon dioxide is a big threat to the environment. The existence of human being is endangered due to the acceleration of global warming. The earth is becoming hotter. There are certain useful measures that can be taken by the human beings to reduce the impact of worldwide warming as we are greatly accountable for global warming.

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Each day we burn fossil fuel and it helps to increase the amount of Carbon Dioxide gas. We burn coal to produce electricity, we burn the woods to cook food, we burn petroleum, diesel, oil, fuels to run automobiles, industry, and we produce a huge amount of Carbon Dioxide gas. Certain defective engines of automobiles even add to more carbon emission. Deforestation and population growth are the major causes of global warming. We destroy the woods and cut down trees and thus we destroy our environment as the trees cannot soak up more Carbon Dioxide. As a result, the quantity of Carbon Dioxide increases. Burning of coal, oil, and gas indiscriminately brings about the greenhouse effect and helps to increase the temperature.

As the temperature of the earth is rising at an alarming rate, the ice of the North Pole is going to melt. As soon as the ice melts, the sea levels will rise. Consequently, it will affect many low-lying areas such as Bangladesh, Maldives, Netherland and many more countries. In the long run, these countries will go under water once the North Pole is melted. Additionally, it also affects the ecosystem. Many species will be extinct and the ecosystem will be changed. Apart from, numerous birds will be migrated to other places. Most importantly, various natural disasters will take place frequently causing the death of many people, animals, and plants. People will lose their properties and they will be economically vulnerable. Various diseases will break out and these fatal ailments will spread out to others rapidly and more individuals will be affected by these diseases. The production of agricultural products will be hampered.

In fine, there are a lot of initiatives that can save us from the severity of global warming. First of all, we need to build up self-awareness, not to harm the environment anymore. Governments have to move forward to apply the worldwide global warming solutions. To reduce this warming, we can restrain the production of greenhouse gases, we can stop deforestation, and we can use more eco-friendly products and give more concentration on renewable energy to cut the use of fuel.

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